This program is also good for as many as are considering divorce, separation or about giving up on their marriage, Try this rejuvenating program before you give up. The program is also ideal for you if you are newly married couples or you just want to spic things up in your marriage. Whether you’re having a good relationship that you just want to make better, or are having serious problems, it takes two can help you.  offers participants knowledge and skills to talk and listen to others with empathy and compassion, to understand emotions in themselves and others, to deal with conflict and differences in ways that strengthen — rather than destroy — relationships, and much, much more.
We also have activities that will rejuvenate your love life, encourage partnership and intimacy while adding a lot of sparks to a boring marriage, It takes two is an incredible personal journey of self-discovery and learning that will enable you to truly connect with the most important people in your life — including spouses, children, friends and even co-workers.
There are two categories of the program “love renewed” and the categories determine the nature and degree of activities.
Fee: ₦250,000.00 / $1, 256.28 / 1,136.36
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Arrival and lodging

  • Gym, (a session for each),
  • Hurt list
  • Expectation lists (take home),
  • Intimacy exercise,
  • Take home games: ludo, card, scrabble, chess, DVDs and video player
  • Gym(Both sessions)
  •  Review of expectation list
  • Contact exercise
  • Intimate exercise continue
  • Shopping  exercise (a gift and a card),Take home, games and video
  • Gym (Both section)
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Expectation list
  • Contact and intimate exercise
  • Spa & massage
    • Take home games and video
  • Gym(Each session)
  • Progress rate session
  •  Pictures exercise (note: all clients to come with family tree pictures                                          while coming),  
  • Partnership list, 
  • Walking exercise,  
  • Swimming
  • Gym(Both session)
  • Progress rate
  • Contact and intimacy exercise
  • Resolution list
  • Club (optional)
  • Gym,
  • Resolution
  • Photo shoot session
  • Romantic dinner

 Vow renewal and Departure

  • DVD
  • Video player for DVD
  • Books
  • Lingerie
  • Recorded activities DVD
  • Photo frame
  • Swim suit